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OUR DJs for 2024

This is an amazing mix of international and local DJs with extensive experience, knowledge and FUN attitudeto top it off. Here we list them below in no specific order;

Avik Basu, Iv Manos, Rainier Pereira, Cigdem Tanik (Ciko) and our 5th DJ TBA soon

4 avik- crossP.png

Avik Basu

Ann Arbor, MI

Avik began his tango journey in Ann Arbor in 2002 and has since become a highly sought after DJ, playing at many of the major tango events in North America.


Some of his more interesting adventures include DJing at Salon Canning, teaching tango to a Bollywood actress in Mumbai, and touring the U.S. as the bandoneon player tango band Trio Folias. 


Avik's musical selections are grounded in the Golden Age classics, but he also enjoys pushing the boundaries of the familiar (in small doses) and offering dancers a chance to explore something new.

3 Iv- crossP.png

Iv Manos

Athens, Greece

With a decade of experience DJing at milongas, festivals and marathons, Iv has brought his passion for music to diverse audiences in Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada. He has been part of renowned tango events across continents, delivering unforgettable sets that resonate with dancers of all backgrounds.


Known for creating an immersive and engaging experience, he prioritizes connecting with the audience and providing the best dancing atmosphere throughout his sets.


He curates a selection of tango music that spans from the golden era to contemporary recordings, offering a fusion of classic and modern sounds.

With a touch of Guardia Vieja and a keen eye for new releases, he delivers a dynamic and diverse list that keeps dancers on their feet.


Iv Manos is not just a DJ but a storyteller through music, weaving together melodies and rhythms to create an unforgettable journey for his audience.

2 rainier -crossP.png

Rainier Pereira

New Jersey


Rainier's journey as a Tango DJ began at the age of 15 when he rented speakers for small Latin parties and started selecting music upon his friends' requests. This early experience sparked a passion that would shape his career. By 2010, at 20 years old, he co-hosted the only milonga in his hometown, stepping in as a DJ due to a lack of local tango DJs. His interest in tango deepened, leading him to Buenos Aires, where he studied tango and gained insights from renowned DJs like Mario Orlando and Horacio Godoy.


In 2014, Rainier moved to Buenos Aires and started co-hosting the Cachivacheria Milonga while DJing at various practicas and milongas. His career expanded internationally in 2017 when he DJ'd at milongas and festivals across Europe while performing and teaching tango for several years.


In 2020, he relocated to the US, quickly becoming one of the most popular DJs on the East Coast, known for his sets at numerous festivals and milongas nationwide.

1 ciko- crossP.png


Newark, NJ


Ciko has been DJing since 2009. She has experience with both Traditional and Alternative Tango Music since she ran weekly and monthly events in NYC that had both rooms. She has DJ’d at big and small events in the NYC and various communities and festivals around the US over the years.. to name a few; Montreal Nuevo Festival, Chicago Tango Week, Philadelphia Tango Festival, Florida Keys Marathon, Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon, Miami Sunshine Tango Festival, San Francisco Nora's Tango Week, Tango Abrazo Festival NYC, Motown Marathon Detroit...

She does not discriminate between different eras of Tango Music. She likes a wide range from 1920s to 2024!

She loves discovering what moves her audience and dancers in the room so she can work together with them in creating a great event through a flow that works well for what the crowd that night needs.

She gives as much importance to her Cortinas as her Tandas because she believes that they are instrumental in creating the vibe for the night.



5th DJ to be announced

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