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Saturday Night night is TÍPICA MESSIEZ, an amazing Orquesta Tipica of 8-10 musicians

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Mix of International & Local DJs

This is an amazing group of DJs with extensive experience and knowledge and FUN attitude to top it off.

Here we list them below in order of appearance on the schedule.

Steven Thull, Yulia Kriskovets, Maral Bezircioglu, Rainier Pereira and Siva Krishnamoorthy

Steven-cross process2.png

Steven Thull

Rochester, NY

 Steven is a tango dancer, DJ, and photographer. He lives in Rochester, NY, where he has been organizing milongas and teaching classes since 2017. As a tango photographer, he is known for capturing the special moments that happen on the dancefloor. As a DJ, his focus is to provide the right music to create those moments.


Steven approaches every milonga with an attentive eye on the ronda, a keen ear for the music, a large collection of quality recordings, and a passion to put it all together for the dancers.

Yulia-cross P.png

Yulia Kriskovets

Washington DC


Yulia has been a tango DJ for over 15 years, both locally in Washington D.C. and in various tango events throughout the U.S.


She loves to contrast the music texture and emotional charge in a way that drives the crowd to dance all night. She aims to get to the trance-like state where dancers feel safe and inspired. Most recently, Yulia is inspired by the idea of the wave from the 5 Rhythms dance practice and incorporates it in her tango DJing.

Maral- cross process2.png

Maral Bezircioglu

Istanbul, Turkiye

Maral's passion for Tango Dj’ing comes from her passion for Music. She has always been into music
since she was 5. In 10 years that she has been playing she has always been on the side of more ‘classical eras and orchestras’.

She loves to improvise! A night with surprises makes her feel very excited and improvisation
keeps her energy and excitement up. This is what she loves most about DJ’ing.


Her style of DJ’ing in 3 words; Rythmic, Flowing and Romantic! The most important thing for her is the ‘energy’ in people, in their eyes, in their dance, on the dance floor, in the venue and even
outside the venue. She
tries to achieve this by trying to choose the best cortinas for each night.


Her three favorite orchestras: Anibal Troilo, Juan D’arienzo and Pedro Laurenz

Rainier- crossP2.png

Rainier Pereira



Rainier Pereira is a tango dancer with 13+ years working as a performer, teacher, DJ and milonga organizer.


He trained, worked and lived in Buenos Aires for nine years, where he was the champion of the “Inter-Milonga” competition in 2015. From 2016 he was a member of the internationally-renowned DNI Tango School and dance company where he taught over 3,000 hours to students from all over the world. He has performed at many of the most important milongas in Buenos Aires and completed several European tours.


Since 2021 Rainier has lived in the United States. He is also the founder and director of TangoApp (, a new guide for the international tango community.

siva- cross process.png

Siva Krishnamoorthy

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Siva, is a passionate and dynamic Tango DJ with a love for playing to the atmosphere of the room. Started to DJ in 2015 and played in many events across Europe.


As an avid tango dancer he understands the role of music in creating a fruitful and enjoyable experience in a tango event. With his extensive knowledge of tango music, coupled with a unique blend of Indian music, indie, and energetic cortinas, he tries to ensure that every set is carefully curated to the unique atmosphere of that particular event and the people that make it.


These are some of the events that he has played at in the last few years. Prague Tango Marathon Fritkot, Brussels Spring Break Party, Italy Mattstedt, Warsaw Tango Wave, Tango8 Köln, Sueńo, Warsaw Tango Jam, Hamburg Heidelberg Festival, El Ocaso, Berlin Sonando, Amsterdam.

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