Our goal has always been to have a safe and inclusive event and emphasize this aspect of Tango as we bring people together. 


In order to live by these values La Entrega Team has developed the following guiding policies:



La Entrega Tango Marathon organizers strictly prohibit all forms of unlawful harassment (including sexual harassment and sexual violence), discrimination or retaliation in any form. 

No forms of harassment or assault will be tolerated.


Anyone who violates this policy is subject to immediate ejection from the marathon and report to the tango community. 


If you feel that you have been a victim of sexual assualt or harassment, or have witnessed such behaviors during the marathon please follow this protocol:


• To make a report to please find / reach out to Stratos and Ciko TOGETHER 

from La Entrega Tango Marathon.

If you are uncomfortable talking with these people from the organization in-person directly, you can contact them using any one of the following ways:


Ciko: 646-346-0449  and  Stratos: 347-834-0947


*Involving individuals who are not directly related to the incident makes our efforts

harder and more complicated.

Every member of La Entrega Tango Marathon is responsible for safeguarding protected information about victims of harassment.  We each have a duty to:

 • Safeguard protected and confidential information to prevent disclosing it to anyone who does not have a business purpose to know.

*You do not need to reveal your identity and can request that your report remain confidential. You should give enough specific information to enable a complete investigation of the issue you are reporting. In some instances, your identity might need to be revealed in order for an investigation or legal proceeding to move forward. Whether your report is anonymous or not, your concern will only be shared with others who have a need to know in order to conduct an effective investigation and to determine an appropriate course of action.





Official Immunization Document needed

Double dose Vaccines: 2nd dose administered before Sept 23rd

Single dose Vaccines: 1st dose before Sep 9th

NO arguments and NO exceptions.


A PCR test within 48 hours from the initial check-in


ANTIGEN test within 24 hours of check-in

In the latter case if rapid test is done at home, a selfie of yourself next to the negative result and a proper photo timestamp will need to be submitted.

*BRING your TEST RESULT and ID when you come to check in at the door

Masks are optional, NOT required.

         We appreciate your support and understanding.

La Entrega Team


Ciko, Memo, Stratos, and Adam