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Sport Club Português


newark nj




The name "The Ironbound" is said to derive from the large metalworking industry in the area or from the network of railroad tracks that surrounded the neighborhood. The first Portuguese immigrants arrived in the 1910s. By 1921 there was a large enough Portuguese population to found Sport Club Português, the first of over twenty Portuguese social clubs that would call the Ironbound home.

This is a very unique venue and we have the luxury to share that with you all. We feel like we take our Tango family into this loving Portuguese community and unite them.

SCP has been an amazing part of our team for this event, they make this happen with their volunteers working with us hand in hand. They also become a Sponsor to La Entrega in 2023.

CLICK HERE to get to their website if you would like to read more about them and their activities.

SCP is located on 55 Prospect Street, Newark NJ 07105

The area is populated in large part by Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and Latin American immigrants and their descendants. As you can imagine there is an amazing list of restaurants and bakeries in the neighborhood that bring the cuisines and cultures from these areas together.

The Venue is just half a block from the main strip Ferry Street. It is across from a great new coffee shop and ​it is just few blocks from Newark Penn Station that has the trains to and from NYC and from all round the country passing through.

It is also just a short and cheap Uber ride from Newark International Airport.


Here is a FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS in the hood: restaurants, bakeries, cafes, markets near by.

Here are LODGING options

Here is HOW TO GET THERE & PARKING information

Please bear in mind that the bar downstairs will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

We can not control who goes in or out of there.
We will have a bar in the dance space for most of the event which will be for our people only, however if during certain hours you would like a drink or to take a break down there please feel free, there is foosball table and some local Club members that you can meet.


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